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Little Footprints Academy is an early learning center and daycare with an in-house curriculum designed to engage, encourage and support each child’s unique learning style. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to discover their passions and interests, and help them develop the life skills and confidence they need to flourish.

Little Footprints Academy
Our Story

A Commitment to Early Childhood Education

Jay Stephen, founder and director of Little Footprints, brought her years of kindergarten teaching experience into the program(s) and made learning a fun experience for children in their early years. Starting off in 2005 from a home based facility with a commitment to quality in learning and a vision to provide top notch service, children soon started to be waitlisted and centers in the area opened.

In 2012, in partnership with Nixon Chirpanath Little Footprints was incorporated and our first commercial center at Kennedy Heights opened. This was followed by the opening of our Strawberry hill location in 2014. Again, in 2017 we expanded our Kennedy Heights location to accommodate a larger group for the before and after school program. Later this year (2018), we intend to open our next location in the Nordel area of Delta.

Currently, we have consolidated our multiple locations into larger commercial centers enabling us to provide a more conducive and stimulating environment to enhance learning and provide quality care and our vision to take childcare services to the next level. Little Footprints evolved into one of the largest facilities in the Surrey / North Delta region growing at a steady pace arising out of a passion to educate our young children in the community and a dedication to provide unparalleled service to young families.

Passionate & Dedicated

School Leadership

LFA Care

Our core team comprises of Directors and Managers who work tirelessly to make our programs and services one of the best in the industry so that the ultimate benefit goes to the child (ren) who we have the privilege of being entrusted with.

Together, we strive to provide quality care that encompasses strong academic foundation, enhanced social skills and provide an environment where lasting bonds develop early on in their lives with peers and the teachers. It is also our motto to provide state of the art technology to keep parents involved in their child’s day to day activities and provide services that is consistently reviewed to make it a positive and pleasant experience for anyone walking in through our doors.

Enriched Curriculum

Early Learning Centers that Engage, Support & Inspire



The importance of science is introduced to children in fun and innovative methods



Our primary focus is to instill an interest in reading right from infancy


Extra Curricular

Music, art, drama and dance are integrated within the program

Our Teachers

Warm, Dedicated & Highly Qualified

Our dedicated and committed team of Early Childhood Educators are passionate about teaching and their care is reflected in the confidence and love that is reciprocated by the children in our infant, toddler, prekindergarten, multi-age and school age programs.

LFA Team 1
LFA Team 2
LFA Team 3

The positive feedback and immense gratitude we hear from the families that we service are a testament to the care that our teachers are committed to providing.

Our teachers are hired through a selection process to ensure they are able to provide a level of service and teaching that goes beyond just their qualifications on paper. We also conduct in-house workshops and team bonding exercises to keep our teachers resourceful and well connected. We acknowledge that the field of Early Childhood Education needs to be validated on an ongoing basis and we do our due diligence to stay on top of the market.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents

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