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LFA Curriculum

Little Footprints Early Learning Center

We believe that young children are like sponges, waiting and wanting to learn and mimic adults. Our in-house “MAPS” curriculum (Math, Art, Project-based learning & Science) lays an emphasis on project-based learning.

All our early learning programs work on monthly projects that are based on the interests of the children and the chosen theme. Working together on a project teaches the children collaboration skills as well as lessons in math, art and science and enhancing their social and language/communication skills. The teachers identify their group’s interest and use their creativity to plan out their group project every month. The academic element of our curriculum, coupled with activities like yoga, dance, music and more cultivates all areas of children’s development.

Little Footprints teaches and reinforces life skills like sharing, taking turns, personal hygiene, and others to children as part of our holistic approach to child development. And it’s all viewable first-hand by you, the parents, throughout the day via live camera access and daily picture updates provided to all families.

Beyond Ordinary Daycare Centers

We believe that young children are like sponges, waiting and wanting to learn and mimic adults. We strive to provide the necessary tools so that they can positively and effectively learn through a range of media and influences

Some highlights of our teaching methodology

  • In-house curriculum to ensure that the children get the necessary training and guidance to enrich their knowledge in cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Extra-curricular activities such as a second language, dance/drama, yoga and other forms of art
  • Co-curricular topics into our curriculum that covers necessary life skills such as sharing, leadership etc. that is required for their holistic growth

Math Program

Maths Program

Children are taught math through various activities such as counting, measuring, weighing, matching and segregating along with writing and recognizing numbers. Starting from these basic concepts we move on to more age appropriate activities in the older programs so that they are confident and knowledgeable in these concepts when they enter kindergarten.

Science Program

Science Program

Science is made fun for all age groups through outdoor exploration, baking/ cooking, having engaging conversations about stars and space, introducing experiments thereby instilling a curiosity in creating things and watching things change, learning about life cycles, hands on experience learning about the magic of a seed form growing into a plant form etc.

Language Art

Literature Program

Our primary focus is to instil an interest in reading right from infancy. We believe that learning to read is an important part of the child’s development and a great way to prepare for school. Using different media such as songs, felt stories and puppet shows our teachers introduce new vocabulary and entice and motivate the children to read. Being read to, is also a key factor in getting them interested and we have a “magical story time” incorporated within all of our programs.

For our preschoolers, the introduction of phonics has had rewarding results with their reading skills. Also, equal importance is given to writing and printing which besides increasing their knowledge in letters and alphabets it also enhances their fine motor skills.

LFA Alphabets

Our reading program is taken to the next level by introducing the Home Reading Program. Parents will be able to take out a book or a poem/song sheet to work with their child at home every week and exchange it when done. A rotation of different kinds of books helps with the level and interest of each child in the classroom and adds variety to perk interest in children.

  • Picture Books : where you let your child tell you the story by looking at the pictures.
  • Phonics Books : which focus on recognizing the phonetic sounds that letters make to form words.
  • Poem/Song Sheets : that you can read or sing aloud to your child.
  • Story Books : that allow your child to see the words on the pages as he/she follows along.

Extra-curricular activities

Extra Curricular Program

Music, art, drama and dance are integrated within the program as we strongly believe that children need to have different avenues open to them in order to identify their interest and pursue them.

Field Trips and Outdoor Education

Outdoor Program

Children learn hands on while they are outdoors. The math and science and art are taken outdoors for them to see, feel, experiment and enjoy. We have the resources to arrange to get them to places of interest. Our 25-seat bus and Class 4 drivers enable us to give our young ones ample opportunities to go places and learn through fun.

Pillars of Our Early Childhood Education Philosophy



The importance of science is introduced to children in fun and innovative methods



Learning and playing music at a young age strongly influences the early childhood development


Math is introduced to young children by way of counting, measuring, weighing etc


Field Trips

Where children get to learn hands on what they learn indoors



Our primary focus is to instill an interest in reading right from infancy


Extra Curricular

Music, art, drama and dance are integrated within the program

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